Quebec regulator aims to optimize the compliance burden

The AMF is consulting the public on advisors’ liability insurance and outside activities, as well as on complaint proces…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 21 2022 10:35AM
Canadian regulators approve and recognize new self-regulatory organization

Recognition order, interim rules and fee guidelines published.

SOCIETY | November 29 2022 10:45AM
Insurance in the age of fintechs

With the explosion of digital technology, special attention must be paid to vulnerable clients.

SOCIETY | October 07 2022 04:35PM
Voluntary group critical illness insurance makes a breakthrough

This optional coverage has made inroads in the large business sector, but the SME sector is elusive.

HEALTH | September 14 2022 04:30PM
Appropriation of funds: Guilty verdict

The respondent used the same scheme with a dozen clients to divert the funds and appropriate them for himself.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 17 2022 10:36AM
Condo pricing: Insurers’ practices on the chopping block

Best terms pricing lingers, mainly in condominium insurance.

P&C | July 22 2022 10:30AM
New P&C insurer enters Canadian market

The Tokio Marine Group has created a Canadian start-up to provide specialty commercial P&C insurance.

P&C | July 21 2022 10:55AM