Regulator issues warning about crypto assets

Quebec’s Autorité des marchés financiers has issued a warning about “the inordinately high risks” associated with crypto…

INVESTMENT | May 05 2021 11:30AM
Groupe Cloutier acquires Multi Courtage

Groupe Cloutier has acquired the insurance business of Groupe Financier Multi Courtage and has become a shareholder of M…

LIFE INSURANCE | May 05 2021 11:08AM
APEXA: Membership growing despite hurdles

APEXA is still gaining members, but many MGAs worry about the mounting costs of enrolling life and health insurance advi…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 28 2021 10:55AM
The Canadian Securities Administrators renews Louis Morisset’s term as Chair

Kevin Hoyt’s term as Vice-Chair has also been renewed.

INVESTMENT | April 02 2021 12:00PM
Canadian regulators clamp down on crypto asset trading platforms

A flurry of announcements from regulators all put crypto asset trading platforms on notice that they must bring their op…

INVESTMENT | March 30 2021 01:54PM
Advisory firm and two employees fined over $750,000

Sending false or misleading information to an insurer and practising without a licence are the main charges.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 23 2021 02:30PM
Securities regulators urge Ontario to join the regulatory passport system

In an open letter, the Canadian Securities Administrators responded to a final report issued by the Ontario Capital Mark…

INVESTMENT | February 15 2021 10:30AM