Climate guideline affecting federally-regulated institutions published for comment

Initiative aligns with commitments made by the federal government, promising federally regulated institutions will publi…

P&C | May 30 2022 10:32AM
Bill 96: Minister clarifies requirements for contracts by mutual agreement

The planned changes to section 55 of the Charter of the French Language on the language of contracts were clarified duri…

SOCIETY | April 12 2022 10:34AM
Two individuals sentenced to jail for Securities Act offences

One person received a sentence of 90 days in jail and the other 18 months.

INVESTMENT | April 01 2022 10:23AM
Investment and banking ombudsman case volumes reach all-time high

The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments has released its year-end complaint volume figures for 2021.

SOCIETY | February 18 2022 10:15AM
Regulator reprimands agency

The regulator found that the firm failed to take appropriate action after becoming aware of a possible compromise of cli…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 17 2022 10:33AM
Fairness shortcomings highlighted in feedback to banking Ombudsman review

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada has provided feedback to consultation regarding investment-related complaints m…

INVESTMENT | February 02 2022 10:10AM
Clear regulations needed for fintechs and insurtechs in Ontario

If the Financial Services Regulatory Authority wants to play a successful role in fintech and insurtech, it needs to tal…

SOCIETY | January 31 2022 09:39AM