Regulator revokes healthcare service providers’ licenses

Those suspended may still provide care to accident victims but cannot bill insurers directly.

HEALTH | September 14 2023 02:09PM
Regulator comes down on the whole industry for Take-All-Comers non-compliance

FSRA enforcement responses going forward will include education, remediation, monetary penalties, and licence revocation…

INVESTMENT | August 08 2023 10:03AM
Regulator imposes $600,000 in administrative penalties

Aviva Group companies singled out in report about industry-wide non-compliance with Take-All-Comers requirements in the …

P&C | August 04 2023 10:55AM
Serving clients without regulatory approval or adequate controls costs firm $100,000

Red Cloud Securities also ordered to disgorge more than $611,306 in commissions.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 25 2023 03:35PM
Capgemini publishes annual analysis of technology trends impacting insurance

Report looks at more than 70 industry examples of technology solutions in operation.

INVESTMENT | June 19 2023 09:30AM
Underwriters call for a thoughtful approach to business tax and retirement fund changes

Budget submission also calls for thoughtful implementation of dental policy.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | February 14 2023 10:55AM
Association raises concerns about proposed patented medicine guidelines

Pharmaceutical association says draft guidelines will exacerbate an already unpredictable regulatory environment.

HEALTH | October 21 2022 10:42AM