Public-facing applications a common cyberattack vector in 2023

Recommendations include patch management and investment in response teams’ training.

SOCIETY | May 23 2024 10:47AM
State of risk landscape changing

State of risk landscape changing.

P&C | May 13 2024 10:21AM
Protection gap persists for intangible assets

More likely to be lost or stolen, still only 19 per cent of intangible assets are insured.

P&C | May 10 2024 03:44PM
Artificial intelligence can help insurers’ streamline claims processing

The technology also presents new ethical dilemmas.

SOCIETY | May 07 2024 10:40AM
Anti-selection is a significant financial burden for insurance industry

It is increasingly difficult to identify, in part due to accelerated underwriting.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 06 2024 03:45PM
Securities commission publishes six-year strategic plan

Goals, expected outcomes discussed in first plan drafted for the regulator since 2011.

INVESTMENT | May 06 2024 10:50AM
Interrelated megatrends driving volatility and causing enterprise-wide risks

Client trends report says risks and people issues are interconnected.

SOCIETY | May 03 2024 03:48PM