AGA Benefit Solutions announces tech partnership

AGA Benefit Solutions has announced a partnership with an HR management software firm.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 19 2021 12:26PM
Evolve introduces Cloud Computing ETF

Evolve Funds Group has launched a new index fund focused on companies in the field of cloud computing.

INVESTMENT | January 13 2021 01:43PM
Seniors the biggest new users of mobile and digital banking

COVID-19 partly responsible for senior activity in mobile banking.

SOCIETY | January 04 2021 09:16AM
The special reports of 2020

The Insurance Portal invites you to read its special reports published during 2020.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 30 2020 09:30AM
Meeting client expectations in uncertain times

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic kicked life insurance companies’ digital transformations into high gear. In 2021 these ch…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 29 2020 09:30AM
The year of digital sales platforms and telemedicine

The pandemic has ushered in a slew of challenges. 2020 has accelerated a massive digital shift in the life and health in…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 28 2020 10:00AM
Appetite for digital solutions rapidly accelerating

P&C insurers are increasingly adopting a range of digital solutions to sharpen their competitive edge.

P&C | December 21 2020 09:30AM