Mackenzie expands in sustainable investing space

The company has launched a second, new sustainable investing “boutique” and two new sustainable funds for retail investo…

INVESTMENT | April 13 2021 02:30PM
Blue Cross targets underserved niche in group insurance...via individual insurance

The insurer has set its sights on SMEs.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 09 2021 10:50AM
UV Insurance on track to complete its technology shift

The insurer gave Insurance Portal an exclusive preview of its simplified issue selection process.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 08 2021 02:54PM
Humania Assurance restructures group sector

Humania Assurance has restructured its group insurance operations by creating a new role for a vice-president who will d…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 06 2021 03:00PM
Smaller M&A deals create more value in insurance: McKinsey

A new report for McKinsey & Company shows that large merger deals in the insurance industry in North America are enticin…

SOCIETY | April 06 2021 10:00AM
Synex gains foothold in the Atlantic provinces

Yan Charbonneau makes first foray outside Quebec with largest acquisition to date in property and casualty insurance.

P&C | April 05 2021 03:47PM
New financing will help fuel Navacord’s growth strategy

The property and casualty insurance brokerage firm raised $1.05 billion.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | March 31 2021 04:59PM