Sleep disorders spike due to COVID-19

The pandemic has increased anxiety and sleep disorders among Canadians, reveals Haleo, a virtual clinic.

HEALTH | December 09 2020 09:00AM
Sun Life announces $176 million pension de-risking deal

Sun Life has announced a $176 million annuity buy-in, which the insurer says was the largest Canadian de-risking transac…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 08 2020 02:30PM
Intact offers new work from home coverage

Intact is offering new increased liability and home coverage to new and existing clients who work from home.

P&C | December 04 2020 12:30PM
Arthur J. Gallagher victim of ransomware attack

The American broker revealed that it was hit by a cyberattack on Sept. 26.

P&C | October 06 2020 03:03PM
Pandemics and infectious diseases are greatest threat to society

Experts rank pandemics and infectious diseases as “the” emerging risk that is the greatest threat to society in the next…

SOCIETY | October 05 2020 09:15AM
Empire Life adds telemedicine service to expat benefit plans

Empire Life announced that it is adding telemedicine services to its suite of expatriate benefit plans administered by M…

HEALTH | October 01 2020 03:30PM
Manulife to offer COVID-19 travel insurance

Manulife has announced a new travel product to provide coverage for COVID-19 and related conditions.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 17 2020 09:20AM