Cannabis legalization in Canada and the United States: a hefty challenge for insurers

The cannabis market is sparking mounting concerns for Canadian and American insurance companies. In the report Cannabis:

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Ever-intensifying threats

Each year, the Global Economic Forum reassesses the risks detected in previous years to analyze their evolution over tim

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Ten major future shocks

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, one disruption can lead to another in a cascading chain reaction th

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Mental health: The social cost of poor mental health

Whether they be economic, technological, or environmental, global risks impact our psychological and emotional well-bein

HEALTH | December 27 2019 10:00AM
Canada Life Re announces €12bn longevity risk reinsurance agreement

Canada Life Reinsurance announced Dec. 19 that it has recently entered into a long-term longevity reinsurance agreement

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Halloween storm caused more than $250 million of insured damage

The storm that hit Eastern Canada between Oct. 30 and Nov. 1, resulted in more than $250 million in insured damage, foun

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Commercial lines insurers need to step up or face regulation: Forgeron

Businesses are vulnerable to cyber attack, but many are having trouble finding and keeping adequate insurance. Although

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