Mercer compensation survey examines inflation pressures

Spending on merit increases but falls far short of matching inflation.

SOCIETY | September 28 2022 10:40AM
Flood Insurance: Solution expected by late 2022

Insurance Portal spoke with an Insurance Bureau of Canada VP who participated in the task force.

P&C | September 28 2022 10:21AM
Five natural disasters this summer caused over $300 million in insured damage

CatIQ data show that the Prairies were particularly impacted by severe weather this summer.

P&C | September 27 2022 10:50AM
Canadian employers planning highest pay hikes in two decades

A study by Eckler finds that employers are trying to balance the impact of rising inflation and a tight labour market ag…

SOCIETY | September 27 2022 10:41AM
Insurers: beware of fraudulent solicitation!

A message for CSC exhibitors: beware of fraudulent solicitation.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | September 23 2022 10:44AM
Inflation continues to fuel travel insurance concerns

The Snowbird travel insurance business is back in full force as the pandemic subsides, but inflation could be a spoiler.

SOCIETY | September 14 2022 04:24PM
Insurers sticklers for snowbirds' health stability

In travel insurance, a simple change in treatment for a pre-existing condition can cost an insured hundreds of thousands…

HEALTH | September 14 2022 10:30AM