Weather event causes tens of millions in losses

Canada suffered just one severe weather event in March, but insured losses were extensive.

SOCIETY | April 15 2021 03:00PM
Climate change: Insurers must do more

Global regulators urge insurers to take more targeted steps.

SOCIETY | April 06 2021 09:00AM
Industry must address climate risk

Climate change and the frequency and intensity of climate risk “is a clear and present danger” warns Don Forgeron, presi…

P&C | April 01 2021 10:30AM
Costliest winter conditions ever in February

Extreme weather events make history.

SOCIETY | March 22 2021 10:49AM
How flood risk resilient is Canada?

Canada is well equipped to reduce its risk exposure. Even so, it still needs to put the right measures in place to achie…

SOCIETY | March 19 2021 09:12AM
Flooding: Much room for improvement

Today, municipalities benefit more from not mapping their flood risk areas, although flood mapping is seemingly the best…

SOCIETY | March 18 2021 10:30AM
Global warming creates 23 million refugees a year

In the first half of 2020, 9.8 million people were displaced because of meteorological disasters, mainly in South-east A…

SOCIETY | March 11 2021 10:40AM