OSFI leads consultation on climate change

A three-month consultation on climate change has been launched by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institut…

SOCIETY | January 13 2021 01:02PM
Insurance leaders need to take more action on climate change

Insurance companies need to address the issue of climate change right at the top – at the CEO level, according to speake…

SOCIETY | January 11 2021 10:30AM
The mother of all storms is looming...

The COVID-19 virus has also had an unexpected consequence: it has distracted us from the long term.

SOCIETY | December 23 2020 01:00PM
Climate change and health remain linked

Canada faces “worrisome” outlook when it comes to climate change and health.

HEALTH | December 04 2020 11:30AM
Insurance industry has a role to play in ESG arena

Understanding ESG factors is crucial to the industry’s long-term viability, according to new research from AM Best.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | November 18 2020 09:32AM
Banks and insurers assist in climate-change scenario project

The BoC and OSFI have announced plans for a pilot project to use climate-change scenarios to better understand the risks…

SOCIETY | November 17 2020 04:32PM
Investors’ interest in socially responsible funds on the rise

Interest in socially responsible funds is increasing, but advisors aren’t the ones providing much information on the top…

INVESTMENT | September 23 2020 09:15AM