Plan sponsors hit hard by fixed income returns in 2022

Research shows positive performance in October and November helped full year results.

INVESTMENT | February 07 2023 10:53AM
Defined benefit pension plans in Canada lose 10.3 per cent in 2022

Canadian pensions suffer largest annual fixed income decline in more than 30 years.

INVESTMENT | February 01 2023 09:30AM
Information technology professionals surveyed about cyberwarfare

Responses indicate that organizations are unprepared.

P&C | January 30 2023 04:26PM
Aon plc publishes annual climate and catastrophe report

Globally, economic losses reached $313-billion in 2022, only 42 per cent of which was insured.

P&C | January 30 2023 10:55AM
Full year mutual fund and exchange traded fund statistics published for 2022

Significant number of new funds launched follow responsible investing mandates.

INVESTMENT | January 27 2023 03:53PM
Full year fund sales decline

Only specialty and money market mutual funds record net sales in 2022.

INVESTMENT | January 26 2023 10:31AM
A look at belonging and business outcomes

Research finds those with low belonging scores are notably more likely to consider quitting.

SOCIETY | January 25 2023 10:47AM