COVID-19: actuaries seek more robust data

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) has asked the governments and public institutions in Canada to improve the qua

SOCIETY | May 21 2020 02:30PM
COVID-19: P&C insurers take measures

What insurers are offering their customers auto insurance credits due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Which firms have taken b

P&C | May 01 2020 10:45AM
One-quarter of small businesses cannot pay April leases or mortgages

A new survey taken this past weekend shows that one-quarter of small businesses are not able to pay April's commercial l

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | March 31 2020 10:55AM
Tax system complexity is costing poor Canadians

Canadians do not claim considerable sums to which they are entitled due to an overly complex tax system, says a Montreal

SOCIETY | March 13 2020 02:36PM
IFIC research finds online statements improve investor knowledge

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) released on March 12 the results of its research initiative on effective

SOCIETY | March 12 2020 11:25AM
Canada is facing a youth vaping crisis

Eight in ten Canadians are concerned about youth vaping and nearly nine in ten want quick government action before the e

HEALTH | March 10 2020 01:00PM
Global female income to reach $24 trillion this year

With more women entering the workforce, there will be a significant shift in financial and economic power toward women –

SOCIETY | March 06 2020 02:15PM