Canadians support action to fight insurance fraud

Combatting fraud is becoming more of a priority for Canadians, growing from 77% in 2017 to 87% in 2019, according to a r

P&C | February 27 2020 12:47PM
Money is a taboo topic for many Canadians

Nearly a quarter of Canadians feel money is a taboo topic alongside politics, sex and religion, according to an FP Canad

SOCIETY | February 25 2020 02:45PM
Employers should do more to help workers achieve financial security

Canadian employers should be doing more to help their workers achieve greater financial security to ensure they are on t

INVESTMENT | February 24 2020 01:13PM
Canadians anxious about their country’s future

Canadians’ trust in government, business, media and NGOs is down despite rising stock markets and low unemployment numbe

SOCIETY | February 21 2020 12:24PM
Banking clients face complications when escalating complaints

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada released on Feb. 19 the results of its review of banks' procedures for handling

SOCIETY | February 19 2020 03:30PM
Most Gen Xers have financial worries

A new study from Edward Jones, released Feb. 18, found that nearly half or 47 per cent of all Baby Boomers surveyed say

INVESTMENT | February 18 2020 04:00PM
Health care markets poised for growth

Despite rising trade tensions and a sluggish economic outlook for the year, it is estimated that the overall global heal

HEALTH | February 18 2020 02:59PM