New research looks at pandemic’s impact on retail investors

The new study released by the Ontario Securities Commission found that nearly half of those surveyed had stopped putting…

INVESTMENT | April 14 2021 09:10AM
Carriers, intermediaries confident about future growth prospects

Most insurance carriers, brokers, agents, and distribution partners are confident about their company’s prospects for re…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | April 13 2021 09:08AM
IBM examines insurers’ relationship with data

There is new demand for insurance that is personalized, convenient, transparent and flexible, say authors of a recently …

SOCIETY | April 06 2021 02:06PM
Canadian life insurance activity declines in February

The year-over-year decline in February was largely driven by lower face amounts.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 31 2021 09:06AM
Reinsurance rates on the rise in Canada

Increases have reached 20 per cent.

SOCIETY | March 26 2021 08:56AM
Canadian life insurance application activity down in January

Application activity dropped for older Canadians, but is up for younger groups, reveals the MIB Life Index.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 10 2021 03:49PM
Commercial insurance: premium pricing still rising

Across the globe.

P&C | February 10 2021 01:08PM