Catastrophes and pandemic losses pressure reinsurers

Natural catastrophes and pandemic losses severely affect performance, according to S&P Global Ratings.

SOCIETY | November 08 2022 10:50AM
Small businesses under increasing pressure to re-evaluate supply chains

Environmental, social and governance issues being incorporated but companies still struggle.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | November 08 2022 10:16AM
Reinsurance report: Performance under pressure

S&P Global Ratings has a negative view of the global reinsurance sector. A recent report publishes extensive details on …

SOCIETY | November 07 2022 10:52AM
Upturn in results improves outlook for Canadian insurers

In its report on the Canadian insurance market, Aon notes that the outlook is being boosted by positive underwriting and…

P&C | November 07 2022 10:38AM
Climate score needed for real estate financing

The Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation advocate the creation of a climate risk i…

P&C | October 28 2022 05:04PM
Hurricane Fiona among the top 10 worst insured losses

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released the first estimates by province of insured losses.

P&C | October 24 2022 10:52AM
Regulators reconsider climate disclosure requirements

International developments likely to inform changes to October 2021 rule.

SOCIETY | October 14 2022 10:44AM