Insured losses around $1-billion estimated for Toronto flooding

Ratings agency expects no direct credit rating implications.

P&C | July 19 2024 10:59AM
17% decrease in stolen vehicles in Canada in first half of 2024

The decline is more pronounced in Quebec than in the rest of the country.

SOCIETY | July 17 2024 10:35AM
Ontario regulator proposes mandatory automobile fraud reporting by insurers

Consultation period closes October 14.

P&C | July 16 2024 10:14AM
BrokerLink acquires two more firms in the Toronto area

The first transaction was completed on June 1 and the other on July 1.

P&C | July 16 2024 10:00AM
Number of fraudulent claims detected by insurer skyrockets

Aviva says fraudulent motor vehicle damage claims rose 123 per cent in 2023.

P&C | July 15 2024 10:41AM
Business email compromise claims an often-overlooked threat

Industry urged to support organizations in developing risk management frameworks.

P&C | July 15 2024 10:37AM
Thefts of heavy vehicles and cargo borne by insurers

Équité Association has released data on theft trends between 2019 and 2023.

P&C | July 12 2024 10:43AM