Commercial insurance contributes to Canada's economy

Commercial insurance provides employment for over 56,000 people in the country.

P&C | November 16 2023 09:48AM
Report examines barriers to digital adoption

20 per cent of business leaders say they haven’t invested in any cybersecurity.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | November 15 2023 09:33AM
Cyber the largest structural risk affecting the credit landscape

Insurance should be an early warning system, say analysts.

INVESTMENT | November 14 2023 10:45AM
Geneva Association examines cyber insurability challenge in new report

“Massive” cyber protection gap may require help from governments to create a larger market.

P&C | November 10 2023 10:41AM
Ontario regulator publishes technology risk management guidance

Credentialing bodies, insurers and agents given best practices and reporting protocols to follow.

SOCIETY | November 09 2023 10:55AM
Alberta announces package of regulatory actions concerning auto insurers

Short-term measures include a cap on rates for good drivers and new rate board powers.

P&C | November 03 2023 10:20AM
Marsh index shows insurance pricing moderating globally

Composite pricing continues to rise for the 23 consecutive quarter.

P&C | November 02 2023 10:33AM