Aviva studies COVID’s impact on employment, transportation and purchasing behaviour

COVID is causing more Canadians to shop around for their home and automobile insurance policies. Aviva says brokers need…

SOCIETY | August 27 2020 09:40AM
COVID-19 and business interruption: regulator heads to court

The UK regulator is going to court to clarify the benefits that insurers must payout for business interruption during th…

P&C | June 05 2020 03:20PM
COVID-19: P&C insurers take measures

Property and casual insurers have put in place various measures to help clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Insurance …

P&C | May 01 2020 10:45AM
Canadians support action to fight insurance fraud

A recent survey commissioned by Aviva Canada indicates that most Canadians strongly support the fight against insurance …

P&C | February 27 2020 12:47PM
CANATICS appoints Jason Storah as Chair

The Canadian National Insurance Crime Services (CANATICS) has appointed Jason Storah as the organization’s new Chair of …

P&C | February 05 2020 03:05PM
Aviva appoints new CEO

After announcing a major restructuring, Aviva Canada promoted Jason Storah to CEO. He will assume this position on July …

P&C | June 10 2019 11:30AM