Luxury vehicles: Insured may be paying the price for a lackadaisical approach

For luxury cars, insurers and bankers may be less demanding when verifying a client’s identity than in a real estate tra…

P&C | August 25 2022 10:55AM
Aviva Canada's operating profit down 10.9 per cent

Aviva plc's Canadian business lost ground in the first six months of the year.

P&C | August 19 2022 10:58AM
Aviva Canada releases Sustainability Report

Insurer outlines achievements in climate action.

P&C | June 08 2022 09:15AM
Aviva Canada: Operating income soars by 41.5 per cent in 2021

Parent company Aviva plc pinpoints the growth drivers.

P&C | March 07 2022 10:28AM
Investor needs and climate change opportunities

The transition needed to address the climate emergency offers major economic opportunities.

SOCIETY | January 28 2022 09:51AM
Stakeholders call on insurance industry to show climate leadership

The industry is increasingly being called on by different stakeholders to play a leading role in helping the world’s eco…

SOCIETY | January 27 2022 10:39AM
Climate change is transforming the insurance industry

Five years ago, even among insurance company executives, climate change was something only discussed on occasion.

SOCIETY | January 24 2022 10:33AM