NFP Canada appoints Quebec manager

The executive will integrate an acquired firm by year-end.

P&C | March 24 2021 12:16PM
Aviva Canada announces reduction in personal auto insurance rates

Aviva Canada has announced that its Ontario auto insurance customers will see a significant premium reduction upon polic…

P&C | March 19 2021 11:50AM
Aviva leaves another market

After France and Turkey, the insurer announced that it will be withdrawing from another market.

P&C | March 11 2021 01:43PM
Aviva Canada boosts operating profit by 50%

Among global insurer Aviva plc’s key markets, three saw their operating profit decline in 2020. Only one market bucked t…

P&C | March 10 2021 02:47PM
Aviva Canada unveils strategy for 2021

CEO Jason Storah gives the Insurance Portal the rundown.

P&C | January 12 2021 10:50AM
VietinBank and Manulife announce bancassurance partnership

VietinBank and Manulife have announced an exclusive 16-year bancassurance partnership.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 14 2020 12:30PM
Aviva studies COVID’s impact on employment, transportation and purchasing behaviour

COVID is causing more Canadians to shop around for their home and automobile insurance policies. Aviva says brokers need…

SOCIETY | August 27 2020 09:40AM