PC Insurance and Loblaw aim to expand in auto and home Insurance

PC Insurance believes that the distribution of auto and home insurance is outdated.

P&C | September 15 2023 04:46PM
Definity launches usage-based insurance offering

Adjusts premium prices quarterly, based on recent driving scores.

P&C | September 07 2023 03:52PM
Personalized insurance coming for users of car subscription service

Pay-as-you go car business joins hands with digital insurance company.

P&C | August 21 2023 09:53AM
Regulator imposes $600,000 in administrative penalties

Aviva Group companies singled out in report about industry-wide non-compliance with Take-All-Comers requirements in the …

P&C | August 04 2023 10:55AM
Regulators declare national insurance awareness day

Campaign encourages consumers to check their policies and coverage.

P&C | June 20 2023 03:30PM
Application programming interface standards published by industry working group

Technologists working on brokerage connectivity one step closer to real-time information transfer.

P&C | June 13 2023 09:30AM
Large number of Ontario drivers believe auto insurance fraud is prevalent

Majority agree that auto insurance fraud is increasing premium costs.

P&C | March 07 2023 10:53AM