Digital broker partners with benefits provider to offer P&C insurance to plan members

Ontario digital insurance brokerage, Onlia Holding Inc. to partner with Sterling Capital Brokers to offer home and auto …

LIFE INSURANCE | June 17 2021 03:30PM
Economical sets a record

The insurance company has reported its highest quarterly net income in the past decade. CEO Rowan Saunders pins this unp…

P&C | May 25 2021 03:27PM
Auto insurance premiums continue to drop

Home insurance premium rates rose, while auto insurance premium rates declined year over year, Applied reports.

P&C | May 11 2021 01:00PM
The Co-operators reports record net income of $197.8 million

At the same time, for the same period last year, the insurer posted its worst net loss ever. President and CEO Rob Wesse…

P&C | May 05 2021 01:48PM
Climate change: Is insuring the environment a solution?

Scientists propose to insure nature by restoring the ecosystem following a disaster.

SOCIETY | March 08 2021 03:01PM
Auto insurance premiums in Canada decrease in late 2020

This is the first such decline in over two years, data compiled by a technology provider in the industry show.

P&C | February 08 2021 10:40AM
New task force set up to look at a national flood insurance plan

Ottawa sets up task force to look at flood insurance for homeowners.

P&C | November 25 2020 09:30AM