Auto insurance premiums in Canada decrease in late 2020

This is the first such decline in over two years, data compiled by a technology provider in the industry show.

P&C | February 08 2021 10:40AM
New task force set up to look at a national flood insurance plan

Ottawa sets up task force to look at flood insurance for homeowners.

P&C | November 25 2020 09:30AM
Condo insurance rates skyrocket in Alberta and British Columbia

Rising building costs, increased weather events and more claims are all causing insurance to get more expensive, a trend…

P&C | November 13 2020 09:30AM
Intact’s performance hits 10-year high

Intact reported “solid underwriting results” in the third quarter of 2020, says Charles Brindamour, Chief Executive Offi…

P&C | November 05 2020 02:20PM
Co-operators hits new heights

After plunging in the first quarter of 2020 and a decline in the second, Co-operators is hitting new heights.

P&C | November 02 2020 03:46PM
Former general agent ordered to pay fine for making false representations

The Alberta Insurance Council has fined a former level 2 general insurance agent for making false representations pertai…

P&C | August 18 2020 12:00PM
Intact Financial reports strong growth in underwriting income

In releasing its second quarter results, Intact reported net operating income increased 65 per cent.

P&C | July 29 2020 03:00PM