Financial fraudsters are taking advantage of the pandemic

The pandemic has put a lot of activities on hold – at least for the time being – but not when it comes to money launderi…

INVESTMENT | October 22 2021 03:06PM
Cyber threat concerns at an all-time high among Canadian executives

An EY survey of senior cybersecurity leaders within companies found them grappling with inadequate budgets and strugglin…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | October 21 2021 02:00PM
Companies must start taking cybercrime more seriously

Cybercrime is “a global ecosystem of evil” and businesses – both large and small – are at risk, warned the vice presiden…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | October 12 2021 10:30AM
Half of small businesses don’t put money aside for cyber security

Cyber attacks can cost $100,000 or more, according to a new survey commissioned by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | October 06 2021 03:00PM
Peter Routledge aims to address climate and digitalization challenges

The new Superintendent of Financial Institutions shared his vision in his first official speech on Sept. 29.

SOCIETY | October 05 2021 09:22AM
Cyber risks: Ransomware ramping up rates

Cyber insurance product prices under pressure, brokers say.

P&C | September 29 2021 12:36PM
Regulator updates technology and cyber security incident reporting requirements

Regulator publishes new requirements governing how federally regulated financial institutions should disclose and report…

SOCIETY | August 17 2021 10:45AM