Cyber risks: insurers must clarify their coverage

Cyber risks pose a financial threat for insurers, even those that do not offer cyber insurance. Products must be adjuste

P&C | October 11 2019 02:23PM
Ransomware attacks on the rise

A new report by Chubb highlights the recent growth of ransomware attacks and suggests the best practices companies shoul

SOCIETY | October 11 2019 01:30PM
Majority of organizations affected by a cyber-attack last year

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) released its 2019 Cybersecurity Survey Report Oct. 9. The report sur

SOCIETY | October 09 2019 09:30AM
Five urgent problems for P&C insurers

Don Forgeron, President and CEO of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), warns the insurance industry that it will be fa

P&C | September 30 2019 02:31PM
iA falls victim to cyber breach

It’s now iA Financial Group's turn to be hit by a cyber breach. Three representatives from the insurer's Quebec distribu

SOCIETY | September 12 2019 01:30PM
More than half a million caisse members sign up for credit monitoring plan

Almost 20 per cent of Desjardins’ caisse members have signed up for the Equifax credit monitoring plan following the mas

Regulator signs agreement to strengthen cross-border enforcement

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) announced on July 22 that it has recently joined other signatories to the Intern

INVESTMENT | July 23 2019 09:30AM