Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions publishes annual Risk Outlook

OSFI’s report details the risks facing Canada’s financial system and the agency’s plans for addressing those risks.

SOCIETY | April 22 2022 04:05PM
Companies must revisit cyber threats left unsolved during pandemic

The rapid move to remote work forced many companies to quickly put into place new processes and technologies without bei…

P&C | April 14 2022 10:48AM
Regulator focuses on cybersecurity in mortgage brokering

FSRA is proposing to adopt the Mortgage Broker Regulators’ Council of Canada’s Principles for Cybersecurity Preparedness…

SOCIETY | April 04 2022 10:14AM
Proper training and controls can mitigate insider cyber threats

It important for firms to keep an eye on employees who have “at risk” behaviours that can cost millions of dollars and h…

SOCIETY | March 11 2022 10:38AM
Aon hit by cyber attack

The insurer reported the incident on February 25.

SOCIETY | March 07 2022 10:18AM
New whitepaper examines digitization and future trends

There are abundant opportunities for insurance carriers who put societal needs and customers at the heart of risk models…

SOCIETY | February 23 2022 10:16AM
Balancing artificial intelligence and human roles in insurance

Insurance is at the point in its journey with artificial intelligence (AI) where companies are seeking to understand the…

SOCIETY | February 17 2022 10:36AM