US and Philippines hardest hit by climate change-related economic losses

Canada 19th among 36 countries identified as being most at risk for higher property damages.

SOCIETY | March 01 2024 03:02PM
Climate change implications for life and health insurers expected to increase over time

Insurers urged to draw from a wider set of data and information to understand vulnerabilities.

HEALTH | February 28 2024 04:07PM
Intact's profit declined 46 per cent in 2023

Net income reached $1.3 billion in 2023, and direct written premiums surpassed $22 billion.

P&C | February 21 2024 10:11AM
Actuaries Climate Index declines slightly in summer 2023

This index, which measures the variation of extreme weather conditions and sea level, was introduced in 2016.

SOCIETY | February 19 2024 10:12AM
An average year for property and casualty Insurers in 2023

In its latest bulletin, the Property and Casualty Insurance Companies of Canada conducted an analysis of financial resul…

P&C | January 30 2024 10:55AM
Population growth continues in coastal and low-lying areas

Coastal population grows the most in the pacific, decreases in Newfoundland and Labrador.

SOCIETY | January 26 2024 01:15PM
Climatic events weighed on insurers’ results in 2023

Heat and wildfires had major impacts across the country in 2023, affecting both property damage and public health.

SOCIETY | January 03 2024 10:33AM