Mutual funds show sales growth

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada has released August fund assets and sales figures.

INVESTMENT | September 22 2021 08:50AM
Canada Life Investment Management introduces sustainable portfolios

The three mutual fund portfolio solutions invest in companies that demonstrate strong environmental, social and governan…

INVESTMENT | September 20 2021 02:41PM
Regulator imposes $30k fine for pre-signed forms

A representative admits he obtained, possessed and in some instances used to process transactions, 80 per-signed account…

INVESTMENT | September 15 2021 03:40PM
RBC Global Asset Management caps several funds

The capped funds will be closed to new investors as of September 15, 2021.

INVESTMENT | September 08 2021 07:27AM
Another insurer cuts deferred sales charges from its funds

Canada Life's mutual fund subsidiary drops deferred charges on its funds.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 24 2021 09:49AM
Assets in both mutual funds and ETFs rise in July

Balanced funds and equity ETFs biggest winners.

INVESTMENT | August 20 2021 11:49AM
Sustainable funds continue to grow at a rapid pace

Sustainable investments continued to outperform their respective category peers, says a Morningstar report.

INVESTMENT | July 29 2021 02:00PM