ETF sales beat mutual fund sales by more than $10-billion in 2020

Mutual fund and exchange traded fund sales both surged ahead during the year, outstripping 2019 sales figures by a wide …

INVESTMENT | January 22 2021 02:00PM
Mutual fund and ETF sales rise in November

Mutual fund and ETF net sales and assets were up significantly in November compared to a month earlier.

INVESTMENT | December 21 2020 11:55AM
Mutual funds: COVID-19 is revolutionizing distribution

When the pandemic struck, Franklin Templeton Canada shifted 97% of its employees to telework, Duane Green told the Insur…

INVESTMENT | December 11 2020 09:30AM
Fund sales positive in October

Sales of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds picked up in October 2020, relative to September’s sales numbers, accord…

INVESTMENT | November 23 2020 02:04PM
Mutual fund and ETF sales decline in September

Mutual funds were in net redemptions and ETF sales pulled back in September 2020 relative to August 2020 sales numbers, …

INVESTMENT | October 23 2020 02:43PM
Investors’ interest in socially responsible funds on the rise

Interest in socially responsible funds is increasing, but advisors aren’t the ones providing much information on the top…

INVESTMENT | September 23 2020 09:15AM
Desjardins launches funds on the NAVex platform

Desjardins Investments has announced the launch of 16 mutual funds on the TSX NAVex platform.

INVESTMENT | September 22 2020 02:03PM