FSRA and OSFI establishing defined contribution plan committee

FSRA and OSFI are forming a new collaborative committee to review regulatory approaches to supervising defined contribut…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 14 2020 03:43PM
Rapid technology trends to be scrutinized

OSFI has launched a consultation on risks of rapid technology.

SOCIETY | September 17 2020 02:00PM
OSFI announces updated COVID-19 measures

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions announced Aug. 31 that it is lifting its temporary freeze on …

LIFE INSURANCE | August 31 2020 03:47PM
OSC announces virtual conference lineup

The next Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) conference, online November 4, features a long list of notable names from t…

INVESTMENT | August 26 2020 02:00PM
Federal regulator urges insurers to continue progress toward IFRS 17 adoption

The adoption of the accounting standard IFRS 17, already a massive project for insurance companies, has been complicated…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | August 13 2020 02:30PM
COVID-19: Ottawa eases restrictions on portability for plan members

The federal regulator has eased restrictions on transfers from pension plans to locked-in vehicles for some members.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 19 2020 09:31AM
COVID-19: Ottawa allows insurers to temporarily deviate from their capital targets

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions is granting some leniency to insurers forced by the global pa…

LIFE INSURANCE | May 06 2020 03:46PM