Jeremy Rudin to retire

The Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Jeremy Rudin, will conclude his seven-year term as Superintendent in June …

SOCIETY | December 21 2020 02:30PM
Banks and insurers assist in climate-change scenario project

The BoC and OSFI have announced plans for a pilot project to use climate-change scenarios to better understand the risks…

SOCIETY | November 17 2020 04:32PM
FSRA and OSFI establishing defined contribution plan committee

FSRA and OSFI are forming a new collaborative committee to review regulatory approaches to supervising defined contribut…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 14 2020 03:43PM
Rapid technology trends to be scrutinized

OSFI has launched a consultation on risks of rapid technology.

SOCIETY | September 17 2020 02:00PM
OSFI announces updated COVID-19 measures

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions announced Aug. 31 that it is lifting its temporary freeze on …

LIFE INSURANCE | August 31 2020 03:47PM
OSC announces virtual conference lineup

The next Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) conference, online November 4, features a long list of notable names from t…

INVESTMENT | August 26 2020 02:00PM
Federal regulator urges insurers to continue progress toward IFRS 17 adoption

The adoption of the accounting standard IFRS 17, already a massive project for insurance companies, has been complicated…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | August 13 2020 02:30PM