Car theft claims costs increase 254 per cent in five years

Claims costs in Ontario spike 524 per cent during the same period.

P&C | May 17 2024 10:30AM
Health insurance fraud constantly on the rise

Reinsurer urges companies not to shy away from pursuing legal action where possible.

HEALTH | May 16 2024 10:00AM
Flood researchers find gaps in national flood insurance program

Recommended policy measures include sunset clauses for subsidies.

P&C | May 16 2024 09:53AM
State of risk landscape changing

State of risk landscape changing.

P&C | May 13 2024 10:21AM
Protection gap persists for intangible assets

More likely to be lost or stolen, still only 19 per cent of intangible assets are insured.

P&C | May 10 2024 03:44PM
Environmental perils emerging as leading morbidity and mortality drivers

Report recommends insurers embrace attribution science to help quantify the impact.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 09 2024 03:58PM
Psychosocial risks remain a workplace issue

Insurers and plan sponsors must keep an eye on several emerging trends.

HEALTH | May 09 2024 09:59AM