More than half of Canadians still confident in their retirement plans

Canadians’ level of confidence in their retirement plans has remained quite steady despite the financial challenges brou…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 21 2021 09:00AM
Canadian pension plans cannot rest on improvements

Major risks to pension plans may lie ahead because of economic damage caused by pandemic.

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Delaying CPP payments can help ensure a secure retirement income

Advisors who suggest clients take their CPP/QPP payments early may be steering them in the wrong direction, a recent FP …

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Aon outlines key principles in CAP savings plans

Economic hurdles need to be carefully managed, says Aon.

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Understanding behavioural finance can help advisors working with retirees

Financial advisors have a daunting challenge ahead of them: make retirees happy enough to stay in the stock market knowi…

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Canadian physicians offered new pension plan

A pension provider is offering self-employed doctors the opportunity to get a “real” pension plan.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 26 2020 02:50PM
Sun Life lands McGill University employee plan

McGill University has hired Sun Life to administer its employee pension plan.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 02 2020 10:56AM