Multi-cancer early detection tests expected to impact mortality rates

Insurers urged to monitor clinical trials, the adoption of tests and regulatory uncertainty.

HEALTH | May 09 2024 09:50AM
Association says government can improve insurance market conditions for businesses

New report recommends policies to help stabilize the commercial insurance market.

SOCIETY | May 08 2024 04:28PM
Intact launches wildfire loss prevention and suppression services

Project will see Wildfire Defense Systems’ personnel deployed when property is threatened.

P&C | May 08 2024 10:42AM
Vulnerability is increasing alongside the cost of living for those over 50

Monthly income tracker report says inflation is the number one concern for the cohort.

SOCIETY | May 07 2024 10:13AM
Anti-selection is a significant financial burden for insurance industry

It is increasingly difficult to identify, in part due to accelerated underwriting.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 06 2024 03:45PM
Fund managers concerned by climate change

Weather to play an increasing role in investment decisions.

SOCIETY | May 06 2024 10:30AM
Interrelated megatrends driving volatility and causing enterprise-wide risks

Client trends report says risks and people issues are interconnected.

SOCIETY | May 03 2024 03:48PM