Organizations lobby against double taxation on dividends for financial institutions

Multiple sources say federal budget measures will make insurance more expensive for consumers.

SOCIETY | July 11 2023 10:26AM
Prominent economist and policy expert discuss coming long term care concerns

Both advocate for the overhaul of outdated pension rules which discourage savings.

HEALTH | May 25 2023 10:51AM
Researcher looks at the potential consequences of Bill C-228

Lending costs could increase for employers still offering defined benefit pension plans.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 24 2023 10:54AM
Institute examines government’s interest in portable health benefits plans

Researchers propose Ontario make use of industry’s administrative expertise.

HEALTH | May 19 2023 04:39PM
Joanne De Laurentiis to chair regulator

Joanne De Laurentiis will succeed Bryan Davies as Chair of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

INVESTMENT | June 30 2021 10:19AM
Selectivity will be the key to successful investing

A report from Manulife’s capital markets strategy team looks closely at market drivers that affected equities and fixed …

INVESTMENT | August 17 2020 10:20AM
C.D. Howe makes recommendations to encourage investing

Governments should put together guidelines to encourage investing, says C.D. Howe Institute.

INVESTMENT | June 23 2020 01:00PM