Children impacted by the pandemic

According to the Mental Health Index, more than half of Canadian parents say the pandemic has had a negative effect on t…

HEALTH | September 30 2022 10:39AM
Study indicates a significant gap in access to care for chronically ill

The Ontario Pharmacists Association says new data suggests pharmacists can help effectively manage diabetes, cholesterol…

HEALTH | August 11 2022 10:50AM
Actuaries’ association publishes updated mortality tables

First revisions since 2010 reflect changes in mortality experience.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 30 2022 04:30PM
Drug plan claim averages jump nearly nine per cent in 2021

Fewer insured individuals made claims, but specialty drugs drive costs higher, according to new TELUS Health report.

HEALTH | June 28 2022 09:00AM
TD Bank to help Canadians dealing with cancer

TD Bank to help build a virtual platform for cancer patients.

HEALTH | June 13 2022 10:46AM
Beneva supports gender transition in group insurance

The insurer launches coverage in 100,000-member plan.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 09 2022 10:30AM
Insurers’ association comments on plans to govern virtual pharmacy services in Alberta

The CLHIA has provided comments on draft practice standards for virtual delivery of pharmacy services in the province.

SOCIETY | June 01 2022 10:50AM