Pharmaceutical treatments lacking

The term "orphan" appeared in the early 1980s in the United States in connection with the treatment of rare diseases. It

HEALTH | January 22 2020 02:39PM
Rare and orphan diseases: a challenge for individuals and society

There are more than 7,000 around the world. Sometimes they only affect a few dozen people. Their treatment costs a fortu

HEALTH | January 22 2020 01:40PM
Younger workers show strong interest in virtual healthcare

Seventy-two per cent of working Canadians indicate that they would perceive their employer in a more positive light if t

LIFE INSURANCE | January 21 2020 04:00PM
Increasing number of high cost meds being approved for use in Canada

High-cost, specialty medicines account for an ever-increasing proportion of new treatments coming to market, this accord

HEALTH | January 16 2020 09:57AM
Diabetes Prevention Clinic reports significant progress

Montreal Heart Institute's Diabetes Prevention Clinic, backed by Sun Life Financial, has reported that during its first

HEALTH | January 13 2020 02:10PM
Bacteria and viruses: Future weapons of warfare

Numerous global changes amplify the risks related to biological pathogens: bacteria, viruses, and parasites posing serio

HEALTH | December 30 2019 09:30AM
Green Shield partners with telemedicine provider

Green Shield Canada announced this week that it is partnering with telemedicine provider, Maple, to expand the company’s

LIFE INSURANCE | December 12 2019 03:32PM