Antimicrobial resistance threatens lives and impacts the economy

In Canada, just over a quarter of infections are resistant to the medicines that are generally first prescribed to treat

HEALTH | November 12 2019 04:29PM
The Co-operators launches second opinion service

The Co-operators, in partnership with WorldCare Health, announced Nov. 12 that it is officially launching a Medical Seco

LIFE INSURANCE | November 12 2019 02:23PM
Pharmacare plan for Canadians still a question mark

A national pharmacare plan for Canadians holds as many unanswered questions now as it did before the federal election wi

HEALTH | November 07 2019 01:40PM
Investing in mental health yields significant returns

Organizations that are committed to delivering and measuring employee wellness programs are seeing their investment pay

HEALTH | November 05 2019 12:01PM
Pharmaceutical company advocates for more accessible healthcare

McKesson Canada President Paula Keays is appealing to the pharmaceutical and medical industry to improve accessibility t

HEALTH | November 05 2019 10:06AM
Biosimilars: British Columbia extends transition program

Rising drug costs are plaguing public and private health insurance plans alike. In response to this trend, British Colum

HEALTH | October 03 2019 11:14AM
SSQ offers pharmacogenetic testing to group plan members

SSQ Insurance announced Oct. 1 that it will now offer coverage for pharmacogenetic tests to members of its group insuran

HEALTH | October 01 2019 03:15PM