TELUS Health reports show increasing demand for virtual healthcare

Consensus growing that benefits and assistance programs should offer a virtual care component.

HEALTH | September 20 2023 10:55AM
Mortality increases entirely attributable to deaths among males

Cancer and heart disease deaths increase in Statistics Canada figures published for 2020 and 2021.

SOCIETY | September 05 2023 10:55AM
Employee healthcare costs to jump by more than $1,000 in 2024 for U.S. companies

Aon identifies high-cost claimants and inflation as causes of the increase.

HEALTH | August 29 2023 10:12AM
Flipping the perspective on private-payer plans

Benefit providers should aim for plans that increase work productivity and decrease absenteeism.

HEALTH | August 24 2023 09:45AM
Benefits Alliance and Pocketpills join online pharmacy landscape

Additional entrants to online pharmacy space also promise to improve medication adherence.

HEALTH | August 03 2023 10:43AM
Sun Life virtual pharmacy to promote treatment adherence

Service offered on the Lumino Health platform aims to help clients take their medications correctly.

HEALTH | August 01 2023 10:58AM
GreenShield offers prescription drug benefits to low-income Ontario residents for free

Program aimed at nearly 1-million without access to prescription drug coverage.

SOCIETY | July 17 2023 10:50AM