Insurers likely to benefit from adding obesity drugs to benefits coverage

Insurers and sponsors tasked with funding new drugs or limiting their usage.

HEALTH | April 12 2024 10:37AM
Drug plan sponsors encouraged to set up usage guardrails for new therapies

New drug impacts on private drug plans examined in new report.

HEALTH | April 09 2024 10:50AM
Employee health and wellness metrics decline

Nearly half say they expect employers to provide key benefits and support in 2024.

HEALTH | March 22 2024 09:41AM
Women over 65 less likely than men to visit medical specialists for non-emergencies

An estimated half-million Canadians have difficulty getting access to services.

HEALTH | March 21 2024 10:32AM
One-third of younger adults report using cannabis in the past year

Prevalence of cannabis use in Canada – five years after legalization.

HEALTH | March 19 2024 10:24AM
New high-cost drugs: Average amount reimbursed jumped in 2022

The Canadian Drug Insurance Pooling Corporation's framework provides insurance to more than 32,000 individuals and famil…

HEALTH | March 13 2024 10:24AM
Higher education levels associated with longer, healthier lifespans

Mortality trend and research analysis shows education more important than wealth.

SOCIETY | March 06 2024 10:59AM