Of the 7,000 rare diseases, only 10 per cent have a known treatment

Children make up two thirds of the rare disease cases.

HEALTH | December 29 2021 10:15AM
Drug pooling corporation provides coverage for high-cost drugs to 28,000 Canadians

Number of Canadians facing high-cost drugs has risen 34 per cent since 2016.

SOCIETY | December 24 2021 10:36AM
Mental health: Managers reluctant to seek help

As the pandemic continues to affect employees' mental health, senior managers are being hit particularly hard. But, most…

HEALTH | December 10 2021 10:50AM
The challenges of deprescribing drugs

Overprescribing costs $2 billion a year.

HEALTH | December 01 2021 10:45AM
Medavie Blue Cross launches gender affirmation benefit

The insurer wants to help group insurance plan members in their transition process.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 16 2021 09:54AM
Natural remedy: Biodiversity generates billions in healthcare savings

Reinsurer’s study estimates the impact of access to green space in urban areas on health care costs

HEALTH | October 21 2021 02:16PM