Digital framework: Bill 64 is passed

This law aims to modernize the legal framework for the protection of personal information in Québec.

SOCIETY | September 27 2021 03:32PM
Claims paid out due to COVID-19 deaths surpassed $150 million last year

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association has published its annual report on the industry’s activities, includi…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 17 2021 10:45AM
Insurers’ association urges Ontario to reconsider rushing new privacy legislation

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association is encouraging the Ontario government to refrain from rushing the dev…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 09 2021 10:53AM
Charter of the French Language: Major impacts on insurance ahead

A lawyer reviews the implications.

SOCIETY | July 14 2021 09:30AM
Getting past Canadians’ false sense of security about group life benefits

“Canadians think of life insurance as a binary product – you either have it or you don’t have it... I think it definitel…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 15 2021 05:00PM
Association issues advisory about airline refunds & travel insurance cancellation claims

Travellers reimbursed by both their travel suppliers and their insurers for interrupted trips are being encouraged to re…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 14 2021 01:30PM
Manulife Canada CEO elected chair of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

Michael Doughty is leading the organization as chair of the CLHIA for a one-year term, effective June 1.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 02 2021 03:50PM