Most popular articles of 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, the Insurance Portal invites you to read or re-read our 10 most popular articles of the year.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 31 2020 09:30AM
CLHIA weighs in on title standards in Ontario

The CLHIA has called on the Ontario government to recognize the Harmonized Life License Qualification Program when setti…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 21 2020 09:30AM
Health benefits coverage continues through COVID-19

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association says the majority Canadians who had prescription drug benefit coverag…

HEALTH | September 21 2020 09:30AM
Insurers’ benefits payments reach a record $103-billion in 2019

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association says Canadians received $103-billion in benefits from life and health…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 16 2020 03:03PM
COVID-19 and digital transformation: CAILBA hopes new ways are here to stay

The chair of the CAILBA hopes the industry will not roll back the relief measures offered during the pandemic crisis.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 18 2020 03:30PM
Tax authorities harden their stance

Three years ago, the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec announced their intention to charge MGAs sales tax. The thr…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 21 2020 08:10AM
Life insurance industry responds to COVID-19

The Insurance Portal spoke with Stephen Frank, president of the CLHIA, to discuss some of the unknowns the life insuranc…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 08 2020 10:45AM