Disability insurance sales bounced back in 2021

COVID-19 has raised awareness among advisors and clients about the need for this protection.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 11 2022 03:27PM
Federal budget introduces new tax measures on banks and insurers

The measures come at a challenging time for insurers, says the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

SOCIETY | April 11 2022 10:30AM
New industry initiative aims to thwart benefits fraud

The CLHIA has announced the launch of an industry initiative to pool claims data and use advanced artificial intelligenc…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 16 2022 09:57AM
Health-care spending accounts may cover prescribed COVID-19 tests

Canadians with certain group health plans, like health-care spending accounts and medical reimbursement plans, may now b…

HEALTH | January 31 2022 10:01AM
Leverage life industry’s investment capacity to address climate change

The life and health insurance industry has an important role to play in promoting climate resilience.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 25 2022 10:33AM
Changes to regulatory framework could help insurers innovate

There must be well-developed policies and regulations when it comes to financial innovation, says the Canadian Life and …

LIFE INSURANCE | December 06 2021 10:40AM
Supreme Court denies Ituna, Mosten and Atwater appeals

The limited partnerships had argued that the guaranteed investment accounts linked to the insurance contracts they held,…

P&C | November 05 2021 09:30AM