Target-benefit plans require clearer regulation

Lessons learned from British Columbia’s pension landscape examined in new report.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 15 2024 10:20AM
Analysis suggests Alternative Minimum Tax reforms will affect charities

C.D. Howe Institute also says those unprepared for large capital gains events will pay.

SOCIETY | November 24 2023 03:30PM
C.D. Howe Institute examines new privacy legislation

Researchers say there is a limit to what privacy legislation can do to prevent harmful behaviour.

SOCIETY | November 21 2023 10:45AM
Ontario seeks feedback on permanent target benefit pension framework

Think tank says ‘well done’ but still points out critical points for reconsideration.

SOCIETY | September 25 2023 10:50AM
Canada performs poorly in exercise ranking seniors’ care

Think tank says fundamental policy and organizational issues need to be addressed.

SOCIETY | September 22 2023 10:37AM
C.D. Howe fellow argues for political will to address climate adaptation

Open letter calls for a stop to construction in risky areas, government support for high-risk properties.

SOCIETY | September 19 2023 10:23AM
Think tank says taxes should be indexed to consumer price index to decrease burden

Unexpected inflation devalues government liabilities that pay nominal interest rates, such as government bonds.

SOCIETY | September 04 2023 10:50AM