Asia main attraction for investors

  Manulife Investment Management believes Asia remains attractive within emerging markets amid the economic slowdown

INVESTMENT | January 22 2020 10:30AM
U.S. life application activity up slightly in 2019

New data from Massachusetts-based MIB Group Inc. shows that U.S. life insurance application activity ended 2019 above pa

LIFE INSURANCE | January 14 2020 12:08PM
Canada resilient to trade tensions

The Bank of Canada announced on Dec. 4 that it would maintain its overnight interest rate at 1.75 per cent. This rate

INVESTMENT | January 09 2020 03:00PM
Rising sea levels: An increasingly real threat to coastal cities

Like temperatures, global sea levels are rising slowly but surely. Linked to climate change, this phenomenon threatens h

INVESTMENT | December 31 2019 10:00AM
Bacteria and viruses: Future weapons of warfare

Numerous global changes amplify the risks related to biological pathogens: bacteria, viruses, and parasites posing serio

HEALTH | December 30 2019 09:30AM
Mental health: The social cost of poor mental health

Whether they be economic, technological, or environmental, global risks impact our psychological and emotional well-bein

HEALTH | December 27 2019 10:00AM
The U.S. turns inward: a risk to the global economy

Increasingly multipolar, the world is also becoming more “multiconceptual.” The further interstate relations deteriorate

INVESTMENT | December 24 2019 09:00AM