AIG continues restructuring by selling travel insurance portfolio

The American company, active in Canada, has divested several segments over the past 18 months.

INVESTMENT | July 05 2024 10:34AM
Dementia insurance takes off in South Korea

Reinsurer urges players in other markets to study and learn from the example.

HEALTH | July 04 2024 10:00AM
Multiple factors driving demand for cyber insurance

Morningstar DBRS expects global premiums to reach $40-billion by the end of the decade.

P&C | June 27 2024 10:17AM
Canadian research draws insight from international disaster recovery frameworks

Gap exists between policy development and government’s vision for a resilient Canada.

P&C | June 04 2024 10:50AM
Reinsurer suggests three steps to help insurance companies amid a labour shortage

Insurers should think about hiring, retention and technology differently.

SOCIETY | June 03 2024 10:27AM
Health Canada approval rate for medicines edges above five-year average

Patented Medicine Prices Review Board looks at Canadian sales of new medicines.

HEALTH | May 28 2024 10:36AM
Evolving microinsurance landscape is expanding

Insurers penetrate only 15 per cent of the overall microinsurance market globally.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 02 2024 10:27AM