Drug plan sponsors encouraged to set up usage guardrails for new therapies

New drug impacts on private drug plans examined in new report.

HEALTH | April 09 2024 10:50AM
Reinsurers perform strongly despite catastrophe losses in 2023

Pricing and higher cedent retentions allow reinsurers to shrug off losses.

P&C | March 29 2024 02:57PM
Electric vehicle drivers should expect to pay more for insurance

Rates are going up, but trend may be moderated or mitigated by regulation.

P&C | March 29 2024 10:15AM
Reinsurers expected to bear the financial brunt of Baltimore ship-bridge collision

Analysts report on the implications for insurers.

P&C | March 28 2024 10:41AM
Global insured losses exceed USD $100-billion for fourth consecutive year

Even without a historic storm on the books, frequency makes losses severe in 2023.

P&C | March 27 2024 10:27AM
Insurance and collision repair industries being reshaped in the United States

Labour and increasing vehicle complexity driving changes in claims and collision repair.

P&C | March 27 2024 10:25AM
Social conflicts and riots: a surge in related damages

Urbanization over the past 50 years has increased exposure to risks

P&C | March 15 2024 03:21PM