Insurance industry is making changes to protect vulnerable clients

Recently released guidelines are aimed to help clients, especially the most vulnerable, get the fair treatment they dese…

LIFE INSURANCE | November 02 2022 10:50AM
Insurance in the age of fintechs

With the explosion of digital technology, special attention must be paid to vulnerable clients.

SOCIETY | October 07 2022 04:35PM
Insurance regulators publish consultation paper on seg fund compensation

Upfront commissions and deferred sales charges discussed in regulatory call for comments.

INVESTMENT | September 12 2022 10:45AM
Regulator’s report examines impacts of big data and analytics in auto insurance

Recommendations will inform auto insurance rate reform and underwriting regulation in Ontario.

P&C | July 07 2022 10:59AM
Annual general meeting of regulators focuses on total cost reporting consultation

Joint Forum of Financial Market Regulators reviews early stakeholder feedback, encourages insurers to prepare for coming…

SOCIETY | June 22 2022 09:17AM
Regulators publish core principles for insurance intermediaries

The Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations’ set of core principles aim to ensure the fair treatment of cus…

SOCIETY | April 07 2022 10:38AM
Insurance regulators agree with banning deferred sales charges

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators and the Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations agree there is…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 11 2022 10:43AM