Regulators warn advisors and investors alike about targeted impersonation schemes

Separate communications encourage targets to independently verify unsolicited requests.

INVESTMENT | May 31 2023 10:48AM
Conflicts of interest highlighted in British Columbia compliance review

Top conflicts related to referral arrangements, compensation practices and gifting.

INVESTMENT | May 30 2023 10:47AM
Insurance and securities regulators jointly publish total cost reporting rules

First enhanced annual reports for investors mandatory for the year ending December 31, 2026.

SOCIETY | April 21 2023 10:54AM
Oversight report published documenting self-regulatory activities in 2022

Canadian Securities Administrators notice also discusses investor protection fund developments.

INVESTMENT | April 21 2023 10:51AM
11 crypto asset trading platforms reviewed by regulators

Pre-registration undertakings commit firms to follow rules applicable to registered platforms.

INVESTMENT | April 14 2023 10:41AM
Actuaries increasingly involved in climate change analysis

Canadian Institute of Actuaries discusses policy work and the frontiers of actuarial science.

P&C | March 29 2023 10:49AM
Regulators publish eighth study of women on boards and in executive positions

Just seven per cent of sampled issuers have a woman chairing their board of directors.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | March 28 2023 10:59AM