Expert panel weighs in on client focused reforms

These reforms are sweeping and are intended to have a very substantial impact on the relationship between firms and thei…

INVESTMENT | December 28 2021 10:45AM
Investor Advisory Panel to be set up by the spring

The Canadian Securities Administrators will be accepting nominees for new Investor Advisory Panel.

INVESTMENT | December 07 2021 10:45AM
Timeline announced for creation of new self-regulatory organization

The Canadian Securities Administrators has established a timeline for the creation of a new SRO, consolidating the MFDA …

INVESTMENT | November 19 2021 10:30AM
Regulators propose climate disclosure requirements for comment

The Canadian Securities Administrators say the requirements will improve the comparability of the information issuers di…

INVESTMENT | October 22 2021 10:00AM
Regulators pitch Canada to be home of international standards board

The CSA is strongly in favour of setting up an International Sustainability Standards Board and is offering Canada to ho…

INVESTMENT | October 12 2021 10:00AM
The Canadian Securities Administrators release measures to cut regulatory burden

The CSA has published amendments to eight different initiatives, including changes to eliminate duplicative requirements…

INVESTMENT | October 08 2021 04:30PM
Regulator metes out series of sanctions for pre-signed account forms

Four of the reps being disciplined come from the same firm.

INVESTMENT | October 08 2021 03:55PM