Regulators propose enhanced disclosure framework for segregated fund contracts

The CSA and the CCIR jointly published proposals aimed at enhancing total cost reporting for both investment funds and f…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2022 10:08AM
Regulators publish core principles for insurance intermediaries

The Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations’ set of core principles aim to ensure the fair treatment of cus…

SOCIETY | April 07 2022 10:38AM
Insurance regulators release fair treatment of customers guidance governing incentives

The new FTC related guidance sets out expectations for insurers and intermediaries who pay compensation and design incen…

SOCIETY | February 18 2022 10:32AM
Insurance regulators agree with banning deferred sales charges

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators and the Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations agree there is…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 11 2022 10:43AM
Regulators want insurers to end Best Terms Pricing on subscription policies

CCIR expects timely transition from Best Terms Pricing

P&C | December 06 2021 09:00AM
Regulators publish annual conduct report examining insurers’ practices

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators’ report provides a way for insurers to compare their policies, procedures a…

SOCIETY | December 01 2021 10:16AM
Regulators comment on industry’s adoption of Fair Treatment of Customers principles

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators has published a number of negative observations, made in recent reviews, ab…

SOCIETY | October 21 2021 09:00AM