Empire Life announces collaboration to sell seg fund product via WFG advisors

Empire Life has announced a strategic collaboration with Canoe Financial to deliver a new segregated fund product exclus…

INVESTMENT | January 21 2021 03:49PM
Empire Life introduces new seg funds

Empire Life has added two new segregated funds to its existing suite of six Multi-Strategy GIFs, as well as a new standa…

INVESTMENT | January 18 2021 02:58PM
Segregated funds: Big Three’s product offerings expand

The three largest insurers operating in Canada sell half the products on the market, InsuranceINTEL, our life and health…

INVESTMENT | December 07 2020 03:53PM
Canada Life drops Lifetime Income Benefit product

Since Nov. 4, 2020, Canada Life no longer allows the lifetime income benefit (LIB) option to be added to its segregated …

LIFE INSURANCE | November 13 2020 03:18PM
BMO Insurance adds to its seg fund lineup

BMO Insurance announced June 1 that it will add new investment options, guarantee options and no-load sales charge optio…

INVESTMENT | June 01 2020 12:31PM
Canada Life introduces nine new seg funds

Canada Life announced that it is adding nine new global funds to its segregated fund lineup.

INVESTMENT | May 12 2020 09:14AM
Equitable Life introduces new segregated fund sales charge option

Equitable Life announced April 27 that it has added a No Load Chargeback sales option to its Pivotal Select segregated f…

INVESTMENT | April 27 2020 11:47AM