Several new developments in permanent life insurance

Insurers emphasize lifetime security and performance.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 15 2024 10:45AM
Payment defaults mark the path towards recession

More and more people are struggling to pay their bills, squeezed by high-interest rates even as inflation slows down.

SOCIETY | December 07 2023 10:58AM
Bank of Canada tightening may need to continue

C.D. Howe Institute finds supply side pressures persist.

SOCIETY | November 20 2023 10:01AM
Private equity eyeing the insurance sector

Investment in distribution consolidation and insurtechs will dominate transactions.

INVESTMENT | November 16 2023 10:59AM
One in four workers fears they can't retire

Seven out of 10 workers don't know how much to save for retirement, or are unsure.

SOCIETY | November 01 2023 10:55AM
Recession narrowly avoided in the second half of 2023

Weak growth is expected to rebound slightly in the fourth quarter.

SOCIETY | October 23 2023 03:55PM
Digital advances that aid in estimating insurable values

Following the Verisk transaction, the Opta team now has access to technologies and data that are helpful in better evalu…

P&C | August 17 2023 10:55AM