Bank of Canada cuts rates as growth slows more than forecast

Experts say economy is underperforming as interest rates restrict growth.

SOCIETY | June 06 2024 10:44AM
Decelerating inflation figures could mean interest rate cut in June

Economists note Consumer Price Index’s decline despite current gas prices.

SOCIETY | May 24 2024 10:35AM
Pension plans ramp up risk reduction transactions

Interest rates boost sales of group annuities.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2024 10:34AM
Income inequality gap widens in 2023

Higher income households enjoy higher yields while debt charges weigh on others.

SOCIETY | April 24 2024 10:33AM
Northbridge's written premium volume rises by 6 per cent in 2023

Fairfax Financial released its fourth-quarter results and provisional balance sheet on Feb. 15.

P&C | March 06 2024 09:50AM
Challenging environment expected to continue for fintechs

Investment not expected to pick up until Bank of Canada begins making interest rate cuts.

INVESTMENT | February 07 2024 10:44AM
Geopolitical risks stoke investor fears

Economists and managers still see growth opportunities around the world.

INVESTMENT | January 16 2024 10:30AM