Desjardins boycotts Facebook and Instagram

Montreal-based Desjardins has become one of the latest Canadian financial services companies boycotting Facebook and Ins

SOCIETY | July 03 2020 01:30PM
Desjardins releases public accountability statement

Desjardins General Insurance Group (DGIG) has released its 2019 Public Accountability Statement, noting its commitment t

SOCIETY | July 02 2020 11:30AM
Desjardins SocieTerra funds and portfolios sell their fossil fuel investments

Desjardins Group has announced that all 17 of the Desjardins SocieTerra funds and portfolios are now 100 per cent free o

INVESTMENT | June 09 2020 11:30AM
COVID-19: Desjardins life insurance results decline

The Desjardins Group reported net income of $285 million in Q1 2020. This result is 28.9% or $116 million lower than the

LIFE INSURANCE | May 19 2020 01:57PM
COVID-19: Life insurers’ measures

P&C; insurers are not the only firms that have taken measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Life insur

LIFE INSURANCE | May 04 2020 10:45AM
COVID-19: P&C insurers take measures

What insurers are offering their customers auto insurance credits due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Which firms have taken b

P&C | May 01 2020 10:45AM
Desjardins develops community support initiatives for Ontario and Quebec

Community funds, an innovation competition and business development for entrepreneurs are all on the list of initiatives

SOCIETY | April 30 2020 09:52AM