Regulators demand more oversight of licensees

Supervision, expectations examined in recent interprovincial regulatory panel discussion.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 03 2024 10:33AM
Misrepresentation results in small fine from Alberta regulator

Agent files simplified application for insured in intensive care with a brain injury.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 31 2024 03:54PM
Agent’s conduct amounts to fraud in 12 cases

Alberta council levies $9,000 fine and suspends agent for 30 days.

SOCIETY | May 16 2024 04:26PM
Regulator sanctions agents who failed to respond to demand for information

Two separate cases end in monetary penalties for agents who ignored letters from council.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 14 2024 03:15PM
Agent in the industry one year fined $1,000 for not cooperating with regulator

Failed to respond to demand for information about consumer complaint.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 09 2024 09:15AM
Regulator levies additional sanctions in case where advisors falsified information

Fake information provided in 10 applications costs agent $50,000.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 08 2024 10:24AM
Alberta Insurance Council orders $145,000 civil penalty

Regulator finds agent initiated 29 life insurance applications containing false information.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 05 2024 10:44AM