Regulator fines licensee for missing CE credits

A British Columbia life insurance agent is being fined $1,500 by the Insurance Council of British Columbia (ICoBC) for f

LIFE INSURANCE | October 21 2019 09:30AM
ICoBC hands out multiple fines for compliance failures

Two firms and their nominee are ordered to pay more than $46,000 in fines and costs, following an investigation by the I

P&C | October 18 2019 02:35PM
Regulator reprimands BC insurance agent

The Insurance Council of British Columbia (ICoBC) has taken the unusual step of reprimanding one of its licensees, witho

P&C | October 18 2019 09:55AM
Empire Life Investments announces appointment

Empire Life Investments Inc. announced on Oct. 17 the appointment of David Mann, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

INVESTMENT | October 17 2019 01:52PM
A massive earthquake could lead to multiple insurer bankruptcies

The federal government would likely step in to help insurance companies and residents in the Vancouver and Montreal area

P&C | October 17 2019 11:30AM
Interest rates and stock uncertainty cloud pension plan horizon

The third quarter brought grim news, according to actuarial consulting firms.  “While solvency funded positions have lar

LIFE INSURANCE | October 16 2019 01:40PM
Fourteen ETFs launched in one month

Fall has brought a slew of new exchange traded funds: 14 ETFs were introduced in September 2019. The main suppliers d

INVESTMENT | October 16 2019 12:16PM