Insurance Bureau of Canada launches tool to help insurers and brokers provide quotes

Driver and auto search history product created to compete with AutoPlus.

P&C | June 20 2024 10:02AM
Extreme heat has significant impacts on mortality

Excess deaths in 12 cities analyzed over 21-year study period.

SOCIETY | June 20 2024 09:44AM
Cyber insurance pricing stabilizes as market continues to grow rapidly

Insurers begin to require controls before underwriting risks.

SOCIETY | June 19 2024 10:37AM
Failing to respond to regulator costs agent

Fine, costs and make-up continuing education credits needed to re-register license.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 19 2024 10:23AM
Nearly half of workers exhausted by the end of the day

Many struggle to stay motivated at work.

HEALTH , GROUP INSURANCE | June 18 2024 10:41AM
Growing use of private assets by insurers raises concerns about liquidity risk

Researchers say a widely accepted quantitative measure of liquidity risk is needed.

INVESTMENT | June 17 2024 10:52AM
Reinsurer forecasts 40 per cent growth in the industry’s investment income by 2027

Asset management and competitive product offerings expected to be differentiators.

INVESTMENT | June 17 2024 10:48AM