Insurers must continually evaluate risk given COVID-19 and its impact

The Canadian insurance industry is an attractive location for capital, says Aon.

P&C | September 09 2020 10:50AM
Average clients needs 11 times their final pay to retire

Figures from professional services firm, AON plc suggest that the average Canadian worker needs to accumulate 10.9 times…

INVESTMENT | August 28 2020 09:30AM
Solvency positions of DB plans rebound

Equity market rebound helps solvency positions of Canadian DB plans.

INVESTMENT | July 03 2020 03:30PM
COVID-19: Aon teams up with insurers to restart the economy

A coalition that includes insurers aims to stimulate the global economic and social recovery in the wake of the COVID-19…

INVESTMENT | June 22 2020 10:11AM
Growing number of firms halt salary increases

The number of North American companies delaying or cancelling salary increases for employees grew from 14 per cent to 32…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | April 23 2020 10:01AM
Half of employers continue all benefits for employees

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic about half of Canadian employers are continuing all benefits, including disability, accord…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 21 2020 10:15AM
Pension solvency positions plummet in Q1

The solvency positions of Canadian defined benefit pension plans have dropped more than 13 percentage points from Q4 201…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 02 2020 01:03PM