Reinsurer urges industry to learn from COVID-19 example

Exercises needed as researchers expect pandemics to occur more frequently in the future.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 26 2024 10:22AM
Nearly two out of three Canadians are exposed to a traumatic event in their lives

These events can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

HEALTH | June 21 2024 04:22PM
Digital solutions help address barriers to health care

GreenShield overview of health care and benefits draws on data from across the organization.

HEALTH | June 21 2024 10:46AM
Ratings agency says global life reinsurance market concentrated and stable

Appropriate mortality assumptions for pricing new reinsurance remain unclear.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 11 2024 04:08PM
Pay inequality persists into retirement

Research paper reveals that gender gap in pension income hasn’t improved since 1976.

SOCIETY | May 17 2024 12:00PM
Managers struggle to handle team emotions amidst change and uncertainty

Despite some improvement, the mental health of Canadian workers remains strained.

HEALTH | May 03 2024 10:35AM
Canadian after-tax incomes decreased in 2022

Government transfers ceased during the year, bringing average incomes down overall.

SOCIETY | April 29 2024 10:30AM