Study examines the state of Canadians' finances

Roughly one-in-four Canadians feel worse off financially than they did a year ago, found a new study by CPA Canada.

SOCIETY | August 05 2022 10:28AM
Hostile work environment saps morale

One in five Canadians face increased conflict and aggression when dealing with the public or clients.

HEALTH | July 20 2022 10:35AM
If a major insurer fails, the compensation fund will fall short

According to the PACICC’s quarterly solvency bulletin, the compensation fund cannot cover the risk arising from the fail…

P&C | July 18 2022 09:39AM
Pandemic fatigue taking toll on women and managers

A specialist in workplace wellness practices urges companies to assess the problems so they can respond to them more eff…

HEALTH | July 12 2022 10:35AM
Rising costs impacting Canadians’ travel plans

A new survey indicates that most Canadians are keen to travel now that most pandemic related travel restrictions have be…

SOCIETY | June 29 2022 09:18AM
Majority of employees surveyed say COVID and diversity policies not genuine

Catalyst survey examines the impact that virtue signalling can have on employee burnout and future employment intentions…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 24 2022 10:39AM
Telemedicine: Provider-insurer partnerships multiplying

HealthTech companies have multiplied, as have their partnerships with insurers.

HEALTH | June 13 2022 10:50AM