Feds say disaster management efforts insufficient in Canada

Canada is facing increasing risks of natural disasters due to climate change.

P&C | June 05 2023 10:54AM
Canada publishes new National Risk Profile

First public, national-level disaster risk assessment aims to broaden public awareness.

P&C | May 16 2023 10:50AM
Ontario convenes committee for auto insurance reform

Who’s who of insurance representatives to provide operational and technical advice.

P&C | May 15 2023 10:49AM
Insurance Bureau of Canada mobilizes response in Alberta

Deploys virtual community assistance and insurance information to residents affected by wildfires.

P&C | May 11 2023 10:57AM
Conference Board of Canada examines disaster recovery and resilience

Discussions highlight need for better coordination between public and private relief supports.

SOCIETY | May 08 2023 10:53AM
Industry groups respond to federal budget

Early commentators discuss anti-avoidance rules, wealth taxes and flood insurance collaboration.

SOCIETY | March 30 2023 10:50AM
Government says it expects to keep costs down for consumers

Insurance Bureau of Canada applauds 2023 Ontario Budget’s focus on affordability, fraud and abuse.

P&C | March 29 2023 03:45PM