Flood Insurance: Solution expected by late 2022

Insurance Portal spoke with an Insurance Bureau of Canada VP who participated in the task force.

P&C | September 28 2022 10:21AM
Five natural disasters this summer caused over $300 million in insured damage

CatIQ data show that the Prairies were particularly impacted by severe weather this summer.

P&C | September 27 2022 10:50AM
Best net underwriting performance in five years drives property and casualty results

Industry’s net income jumps 76 per cent in 2021 while pre-tax operating income increases more than 100 per cent.

P&C | September 12 2022 10:38AM
Flood insurance: A roadmap for the national program

The Task Force on Flood Insurance, which include insurers, recently submitted its report to the federal government.

P&C | September 09 2022 10:20AM
Luxury vehicles: Insured may be paying the price for a lackadaisical approach

For luxury cars, insurers and bankers may be less demanding when verifying a client’s identity than in a real estate tra…

P&C | August 25 2022 10:55AM
Property and casualty industry in a state of flux

While P&C markets have improved they have new issues to deal with, says report.

P&C | August 17 2022 10:40AM
Towing regulations in Ontario a serious concern

Insurance Bureau of Canada slams Mississauga City Council’s recent decision to almost double towing fees.

P&C | July 26 2022 10:29AM