Alberta rate filing pause fails to reduce insurance premiums

IBC says action is needed for drivers to see improved affordability before the next election.

P&C | June 25 2024 10:45AM
Insurance Bureau of Canada launches tool to help insurers and brokers provide quotes

Driver and auto search history product created to compete with AutoPlus.

P&C | June 20 2024 10:02AM
Auto theft claims exceed $1-billion in Ontario alone

A review of claims costs reveals increases over 1,000 per cent in at least three cities.

P&C | June 05 2024 10:17AM
Car theft claims costs increase 254 per cent in five years

Claims costs in Ontario spike 524 per cent during the same period.

P&C | May 17 2024 10:30AM
Association says government can improve insurance market conditions for businesses

New report recommends policies to help stabilize the commercial insurance market.

SOCIETY | May 08 2024 04:28PM
Alberta opens consultation on auto insurance reform

Insurance Bureau of Canada says supporting studies grossly skew the facts.

P&C | April 30 2024 10:02AM
Quebec flood zone map raises concerns even before its release

Politicians call for insurers to be consulted.

P&C | April 19 2024 04:19PM