Western storms in January caused $134-million in insured damages

Two winter storms caused insured damages across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

P&C | February 19 2021 02:00PM
New task force set up to look at a national flood insurance plan

Ottawa sets up task force to look at flood insurance for homeowners.

P&C | November 25 2020 09:30AM
IBC sets action team into motion

IBC is helping hospitality industries hurt by pandemic find insurance.

P&C | November 24 2020 12:42PM
Ontario budget proposes auto insurance reforms

In the Ontario 2020 budget, the government announced it is moving ahead with its previously published blueprint that com…

P&C | November 09 2020 10:44AM
Telematics may help Ontario drivers lower their insurance rates

Car insurance rates have always been a sore spot for many Canadians but insurance telematics coupled with a change in di…

P&C | November 06 2020 09:50AM
Program aims to help struggling businesses secure insurance

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has announced the launch of an initiative to help find viable insurance solutions for str…

P&C | October 30 2020 03:44PM
IBC criticizes British Columbia’s basic car insurance coverage

IBC is once again highly criticizing the Insurance Bureau of British Columbia and its monopoly.

P&C | September 01 2020 03:30PM