Flood damage in BC and derecho damages in Ontario and Quebec quantified

Insurance Bureau of Canada releases updated damage estimates.

P&C | June 17 2022 10:59AM
Insurers must act now to help build a more climate resilient Canada

Inflation will challenge the property and casualty industry this year, but insurers must also continue to focus on clima…

SOCIETY | April 20 2022 04:40PM
Property & Casualty insurers must focus on sustainability

P&C insurers in Canada need to dramatically focus on sustainability to help both the industry and consumers, speakers to…

P&C | April 06 2022 10:37AM
Climate change is transforming the insurance industry

Five years ago, even among insurance company executives, climate change was something only discussed on occasion.

SOCIETY | January 24 2022 10:33AM
Severe weather events topped $2 billion in Canada last year

Climate change hit Canada from coast to coast in 2021.

P&C | January 18 2022 10:30AM
The Insurance Bureau of Canada expresses concerns about the impact of Bill 96

IBC predicts that clients will have to assume the additional costs resulting from the amendments to the Charter of the F…

P&C | January 18 2022 10:22AM
British Columbia floods caused an estimated $450 million in losses

IBC says this is the costliest natural disaster in the province’s history.

SOCIETY | December 21 2021 10:41AM