Global research paper offers suggestions for reducing cyber and pension protection gaps

Health, wealth and income not adequately protected in a growing number of cases.

P&C | March 20 2023 10:54AM
Insurers alone cannot address gaps in climate coverage

Global report says insurers and public stakeholders need to collaborate to address protection gaps.

P&C | March 17 2023 10:37AM
Industry devotes 1,000s of hours to federal adaptation strategy

Association’s leadership calls for national flood insurance program.

P&C | March 13 2023 10:54AM
Association’s new president outlines priorities for 2023

First woman to hold the role, Celyeste Power’s tenure officially began January 1.

P&C | February 02 2023 10:41AM
Industry reacts to Alberta’s auto insurance rate freeze decision

Associations calling for reforms say decision will negatively impact consumers.

P&C | January 30 2023 09:44AM
Severe weather caused $3.1-billion in insured damage in 2022

Industry association calls for action on national flood insurance, adaptation and infrastructure.

P&C | January 20 2023 10:55AM
Natural disasters: Climate change costing insurers dearly

Two natural disasters in 2022 have made the list of the 10 worst insured losses in Canadian history.

SOCIETY | December 30 2022 10:30AM