Organizations join to harmonize responsible investment definitions

CFA Institute and others encourage members to adopt terminology to create consistency.

INVESTMENT | November 02 2023 10:37AM
Global pension index shows Canada in 12th spot

Retirement income systems examined alongside artificial intelligence’s role in pension management.

SOCIETY | October 18 2023 03:44PM
Canadian Gen Z investors earlier to the investment game than their older cohorts

Many began investing before age 21, driven by curiosity and the low initial investment required.

INVESTMENT | May 29 2023 10:44AM
Investment professionals’ association launches data science certificate

No prior data science knowledge needed for course on machine learning and investing.

SOCIETY | May 01 2023 10:50AM
Analysts’ institute publishes artificial intelligence handbook

Publication examines how asset managers are using AI and big data in the investment process.

SOCIETY | March 30 2023 04:34PM
More than 100 companies sign diversity code put forth by the CFA Institute

Signatories commit to making their business cases for diversity, equity and inclusion practices.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | February 08 2023 10:36AM
Report looks at skills and learning needed to thrive in investment industry

Career pathways, skills in demand and the future of work examined in new CFA Institute report.

INVESTMENT | July 08 2022 10:58AM