Protection gap persists for intangible assets

More likely to be lost or stolen, still only 19 per cent of intangible assets are insured.

P&C | May 10 2024 03:44PM
Artificial intelligence can help insurers’ streamline claims processing

The technology also presents new ethical dilemmas.

SOCIETY | May 07 2024 10:40AM
Securities commission publishes six-year strategic plan

Goals, expected outcomes discussed in first plan drafted for the regulator since 2011.

INVESTMENT | May 06 2024 10:50AM
Embracing artificial intelligence is crucial for industry

Lack of “data mastery,” can hurt property and casualty insurers’ core business, says new report.

P&C | April 18 2024 10:34AM
Insurers warned that technology experimentation is needed to reap benefits

Firm estimates that artificial intelligence applied to distribution could unlock $50-billion annually.

SOCIETY | April 05 2024 09:57AM
Generative artificial intelligence expected to increase small-scale cyber attacks

Lloyds analyses, in detail, the transforming cyber risk landscape.

P&C | March 19 2024 10:30AM
Executives think generative artificial intelligence will deliver gains over 30 per cent

Human resources less confident companies can make human-machine teaming a success.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | March 07 2024 09:03AM