Wealth managers must adapt to better meet clients’ changing needs

Changes need to be made to the private wealth management profession to better address the needs of investors, according …

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The future of finance

The CFA Institute Annual Conference held in Montreal in May brought the best minds of the finance world together in one …

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Geldof urges investors to wake up to the promise of Africa

Sir Bob Geldof is urging investors to wake up and invest in an ignored Africa, saying the region has promise.

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Fintech no threat to advisors... at least not in some segments

While Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) do not believe that robo-advisors represent any serious competition, many do t…

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Investment clients have low tolerance for mistakes

According to a study from the CFA Institute, three out of four clients will leave once they have been given cause to re-…

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Who is a Financial Planner?

                                  The IIROC prop…

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