Analysts, portfolio managers, relationship managers and those aspiring to be investment professionals, have a new certificate program at their disposal – the Data Science for Investment Professionals Certificate – launched by the CFA Institute.

At the conclusion of the course work, participants will have the practical knowledge needed to both understand and explain the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques and how they are used in the investment process.

No prior data science knowledge is needed to enroll. The certificate’s coursework includes five interactive courses totalling approximately 100 hours, followed by a final 90-minute assessment. The self-study program includes instructional videos, coding labs and analysis of case studies from industry practitioners.

“Currently only about one in four investment professionals interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge is actively doing so. As asset managers continue to adapt to the fast-changing dynamics of the AI, big data and machine learning environment, everyone in an investment role will need to understand how they can utilize data science techniques,” says the CFA Institute’s head of certificate management, Richard Fernand. “The Data Science for Investment Professionals Certificate seeks to address this skills gap.” 

He adds that the program will equip learners with the knowledge to understand the application of data science in the investment process as well as the language to be able to explain and translate the concepts for non-expert audiences and apply them in real-world investment scenarios.

“These skills will be key for professionals wishing to position themselves for the growing number of jobs found at the intersection of data science and investment management.”