Wholesalers have growth ambitions

Managing General Agents in the property-casualty sector are using a variety of means to increase their market share.

P&C | April 25 2024 10:59AM
Direct simplified issue offerings benefit advisors eventually

Consumers do research online and purchase in person.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 24 2024 10:40AM
Harnesssing group insurance data: The Power of statistics

If you can manage it, your firm will be more valuable.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 23 2024 10:50AM
Insurers boosted by simplified issue insurance sales

Simplicity plus convenience equal sales success.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 22 2024 10:55AM
Tips for increasing your firm’s value

Even the smallest firms can benefit from this advice.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 19 2024 10:55AM
Insurers pushing their limits in accelerated underwriting

Data analytics allow insurers to provide coverage more quickly and for larger amounts.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 18 2024 10:58AM
Several new developments in permanent life insurance

Insurers emphasize lifetime security and performance.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 15 2024 10:45AM