Advisor makes her mark in planned giving insurance

Philanthropic insurance becomes her trademark.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 12 2024 10:55AM
Artificial intelligence to combat underinsurance

AI will make it possible to insure people who are currently uninsurable.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 11 2024 10:55AM
Impaired driving: Surprises at the emergency room

Studies report an increase in the proportion of drivers with THC blood levels above legal limits.

HEALTH | January 08 2024 10:29AM
Insurance poised for significant growth... among the wealthiest

A significant portion of high-net-worth individuals lack life insurance, even among the wealthiest. Is the industry set …

LIFE INSURANCE | December 22 2023 10:59AM
Segregated funds and annuities: Two products for life

They can be a lifeline for workers without a private retirement plan.

INVESTMENT | December 15 2023 09:36AM
Withdrawals choices can mitigate taxes

Smart withdrawals from retirement portfolio can boost income.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 13 2023 10:59AM
Annuities boosted by interest rates

Annuities in 2023 are more generous for retirees than they were in 2022.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 12 2023 10:59AM