Canada top among countries with highest work from home arrangements

Research suggests that employees value remote work options.

SOCIETY | August 31 2023 10:55AM
Employee healthcare costs to jump by more than $1,000 in 2024 for U.S. companies

Aon identifies high-cost claimants and inflation as causes of the increase.

HEALTH | August 29 2023 10:12AM
Experts say employees ignore mental health for work more often than not

Plan usage data can help better inform company absence policies.

HEALTH | August 28 2023 10:45AM
Job vacancies increase in finance and insurance

Industry trends not the norm in recent Statistics Canada report on payroll and employment.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | August 01 2023 03:48PM
Workplace satisfaction increases but significant numbers seek work elsewhere

Pair of research reports probe job market and employment satisfaction levels.

SOCIETY | July 28 2023 09:00AM
Multiple reports highlight the need to prioritize workers

Better pay, upskilling and hybrid work options key to employee retention.

INVESTMENT | July 11 2023 10:55AM
Maintaining employee engagement through flexibility

Numerous research studies indicate that flexibility is crucial to maintaining employee engagement and retention.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 07 2023 10:55AM